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What is Maths ?

What is Physics ?

What is Chemistry ?

How do I become an Engineer ?

What does an Engineer do ?

What does an Engg Technologist do ?

What does an Engg Technician do ?

What does an Engg Computer Programmer do ?

* Engg * signifies Engineering

Kids Quotes

Question: Would you like to become an Engineer?

Kate from Murcia, Spain - Age 5 years.
I want to be an Engineer like Neil Armstrong and go to the Moon and have a party.
Quiero ser un Ingeniero e ir a la Luna como Neil Armstrong, y dar una fiesta.

Cian from Dublin - Age 8 years.
I want to be an Engineer because my Grandad is one, and he knows everything.

Cormac from Ireland - Age 6 years.
I want to be an Engineer to make plenty of money.

Barra from Athlone - Age 3 years.
Do you have a present for me ?

Celio from Italy - Age 10 years.
Mio padre disegna dei computer e tutto spiega a me.

Fritz from Germany - Age 11 years.
Ich will ebenso gut als mein Vater sein. Er entwirft Raketen, die in outter Platz gehen. Er will mich, ein Ingenieur zu sein.

Andree from France - Age 12 years.
Mon Papa dit que les Filles font de bons Ingénieurs. J'étudierai pour être Ingénieur comme mon Papa.

Donna from America - Age 9 years.
My mother is an Astronaut and she tells me stories at night about Rockets and the Sky. I want to be an Engineer and Astronaut.

Alexa from Canada - Age 12 years.
I want to be an Engineer so that I can design computers and electronic games.

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Jokes for Kids

A man went into a school and asked the Teacher, " Did you see a Gorilla? ". The Teacher asks, " What does he look like? "


How can you tell if a snake is a baby snake?
It has a rattle.


One day, little Cormac says to his dad, “Did you hear about the stupid fool who keeps going around saying "no"?”
“No” replies his Dad.
”Oh, so it's you.”


One Sunday, little Cian is with his parents on a boat on the river Shannon. His dad asks him, “What do you think sea monsters eat, ?”
“I don’t know, dad.”
“Fish and ships.”


Little Kate asks her Mum, “Do you know what happened when the lion ate the comedian?”
“No, I don’t, darling.”
“He felt funny.”


The teacher said to her class, “Does anyone know what is white when it's dirty and black when it's clean?”
Little Kate put up her hand and said, “It’s a blackboard, miss.”


Teacher: When do astronauts eat?
Pupil: At launch time!


Cormac's Mum told him to put on a clean pair of socks every day. At the end of the week his shoes would not fit him!

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